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NABBA Queensland & Australian Overall & Masters Figure Champion 
 NPC_IFBB Australian & Australasian Overall Female Bodybuilding Champion


It is always a pleasure seeing one of my creations come out on stage. But it's the smiles of those clients when they pick them up and then strut out on stage beeming with pride that really melts me.

Photo's will be added as they become available.

Hi Coral,

thank you so much for embellishing my bikini for me.

I was so excited when you said you would do it for me. I couldn't wait to see how it came out when finished.

It's awesome. I love the bikini, love the crystal did a fantastic job, must have taken your ages to complete.


Kaz xoxo

Coral, thank you so much for my beautiful bikini..

I love it and it's a one and only.

I was so proud to be wearing one of your creations. 

Emma O'Keeffe

Caroline Mita

Wow Coral,

what can I say but "thankyou".

You put some much time into my costume it's gorgeous.

I can't thank you enough for the after sale service when I had trouble's with the top and you quickly did up another one with little time to spare. I so appreciate you going all out through the night for me.

You Rock

Caroline xoxo

Caroline & Jen

Hey Hey Coral,

We're Pretty in Pink.

We love out kini's, thanks so much for all your work and TLC.

Ta Dah!!!!

Jen Byrne & Caroline Mita

Hi Coral,

Just tried the bikini on – looks absolutely gorgeous!! 

Thank you so much Coral – you are unreal!

You have a real talent and a great flair.

Thanks again

Leah Gibson xoxo

Petina Gledhill

Hi Coral,

 I have to admit something to you, I loathed the day you gave me my comp diet. I struggled each day....... and guess what l blew out last week  after the show (just like you told me NOT to) with food. I felt so ill and massive, that l am right back onto my new clean eating habits this week as l missed it so much and how good it makes me feel.

There is no denying that a high protein diet makes you feel full in a really good way, and eating every 3 hours keeps the metabolism burning day and night.  

The whole prep was an amazing experience. Show day itself was awesome, I was so excited. Everyone (even some judges) said l had the most amazing stage presence, the biggest smile, that I looked like I had a blast and l was a delight to watch on stage.

But none of this matters, l never went in it to win it, l just wanted to have fun and try my best.

Have l ever learnt SOOOOOOO...... much from you for life. You are amazing.


Love ya,

Petina xx

Hey Buddy,

Thanks for the cool trunks, you always deliver with the stand out colours I love.

Thanks for looking after me. xx

Josh Veitheer

WFF winner

Hey Coral, 

I'd just like to say thanks for the posing trunks. They were brilliant, I could not have been happier with how they turned out.

Cheers William Hooper

IFBB QLD 2009,

 Juniors winner.


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