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NABBA Queensland & Australian Overall & Masters Figure Champion 
 NPC_IFBB Australian & Australasian Overall Female Bodybuilding Champion

About Coral

When I first started training in 1995 I was living in Cairns, Far North QLD. Here I learned new eating habits and was set up with my first program to get me started and gain some shape.

I loved it, I could eat heaps. Though this took a lil' getting use to being allowed to and as for the weights, I took to them like a duck to water.

The first 12 months where the turning point for me and in my second year I prepared for the 1997 Far North Qld NPC-IFBB, I placed 3rd and I had a ball. After this I was definately hooked and I then graced the stage every year till 2002 with good success.

2003: saw me having a lay off, at the time I hated it, but now I look back and it was the best thing I could have done for my body for recovery. It taught me what going too hard can do.

2004: I was back and won both the NPC_IFBB Qld and Australian National Womens Bodybuilding titles.

...That was exciting!

2005/06: Just when you think you have it all nutted out your body changes how it reacts or other outside influences effect your wellbeing, tests your patience and in turn effects your results. But this only serves to make me look at alternate avenues, just as the body changes and grows, so too must your approach to your training, diet and comp preps. It proves that you never know it all nor stop learning. The body really is an amazing thing, isn't it?

I've learnt so much in that firstg 12 years I had been training and competiting.

2006 was the first year I was shown how to pose more effectively, up until then I had no formal training in posing at all. LOL, if you knew me back then, you could tell. I had just watched, taken note and did my best to copy what I had seen, never really creating my own style.

2007: A year of many changes and reinvention for me. From bodybuilder to figure girl, it gets more exciting now.

In steps Di Shipway_Purtell, Posing gets real from here. With some great advice from Mark Ryan about creating my own style in posing, Di Shipway_Purtell and I assaulted my posing technique and refined it to something more graceful.

2008: I had my first taste of competing overseas (twice even) With a 3rd in Greece at the Nabba Worlds, and a 7th (just missed it) at the Nabba Universe in the UK. LIKE WOW! I love this stuff, the hunger to keep going is still strong.

2009: Things got a little dicky, my body was changing again. I was getting tired and needed a break and it showed. I didn't do so good, but, I still enjoyed the stage none the less.

2010: and it was tie for a break, to rejuvenate and grow. I needed it. Though a part of me was saying Nooo! LOL Glad I listened to my head and not my heart.

2012: I'm back again, I'm holding my own centre stage. Showed them that yes I am a Master. Or is that Mistress hehehe.

2014: Let's take a crack at a Worlds. Yep did it, 4th WFF Masters Figure.

2015 Bring it, I hit the NABBA Southern Hemisphere again, taking a 3rd. Hmm, will I eber crack a win on this one?

Wow did I just hit the 20 years of training & competing mark?

2016 plans that were to compete again in the NABBA Southern Hemisphere have been dashed due to a knee injury.

I was bummed, but at least I can now plan to better next year. with a new approach to healing my metabolism and ramp up the body.
Well that was the plan, it took 3 years to get the knee right, OMFG, why does it get so hard for simple things sometimes. 

2019: My knee has been brilliant, I can bend and squat all the way. Though there are some days it gives me a reminder to train smarter, not hard. I'm getting older, so I need to be wiser. I'm back in compression for a short while, it's ok though.

The shoulder, needs work now. The GP's think physio will fix it. I got news for them, it's torn, the MRI's show the damage, so physio has just aggravated it. So surgery looks to be my last option now. Who can recommend a good one here is Brisbane? Hands up?

Borne Melbourne, Victoria
Pisces / Aries cusp. Fire and Water
Wood Dragon.

Height: 5' 7 or 172cm
Hair: Blonde (atm)
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Olive
Current off season weight: 69kg
Competition weight: Last comp 62kg
Federation: NABBA Australia
Currently Residing: Brisbane, Qld.

Currently Sponsored by: Snap Fitness at Strathpine , I get to train when and where ever it is convenient to me on any day.

Past Sports

Athletics: Track @ Field

Middle & Long Distance Running. (The long one were a great escape for me)



4 years retail

15 years Thoroughbred Racing Industry. Track Rider, Licensed Amatuer Jockey {AJC}.
Stud Management. Including Pre and Postnatal Foal Care, Stallion Management, Vet Nursing, Broodmare Care.
Yearling Preparation, horse breaking and education.

4.5 years with a Holden Car Dealership

I've left the Adult Entertainment Industry no longer a  Dancer. I've had enough of the club scene but it has taught me a lot about people and the way they think and like any job, it had it 's good and bad days. I had also held positions as Staff Manager, Event Organiser and Promotions. 

I've now changed my employment ventures and working as a security officer/crowd controller.

I've turned my hand at many different careers, quickly working my way up into higher positions. Who would have thought a check out chic would become a  track rider, who would end up an equine vet nurse working with some of Australia's best vets, even for Kerry Packer.

Then when things got tough due to the recession in the 1990 and to stay off the dole I became
 a stripper. This taught me many things, which I use today as a senior security guard.

Who knows what I'll be doing next, but I hope it's exciting and equally rewarding. 

Certificates & Qualifications:

§     Licensed Security Officer/Crowd Controller. cert II.

§     Apply First Aid & CPR …. National Paramedic Training Academy

§     Manage Conflict Through Negotiation & Control persons using empty hand techniques …. Asset Training Australia Pty Ltd

§     RSA Completed ….

§     Qualified personal trainer - certificate IV in fitness….Human Performance Company

§     Qualified fitness instructor – certificate III in fitness….Human Performance Company

Over 20 years first hand practical weight training experience.

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