Coral Jane Is Sharp Curves

NABBA Queensland & Australian Overall & Masters Figure Champion 
 NPC_IFBB Australian & Australasian Overall Female Bodybuilding Champion

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Dubbed one of the most successful cross over athletes in Australia, Coral Jane (Moody) holds a number of titles in both women's bodybuilding and figure. 


I'm Coral Jane and I currently live on the north side of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
I've been weight training training since 1995 and competing since 1997. I didn't started to get seriously into the weights until my late 20's and was hitting my first show at the age of 33. Considered quite late by many in comparison.
I love the idea of a well muscled physique, man/woman or beast, to see the muscles moving, the shape and form, is a living art.







Where I've come from...

My interests in muscle development started long before my bodybuilding did. Coming from a horse racing background where I worked many years within the Thoroughbred Industry both racing and commercial breeding, I saw many incredibly fit animals. I spent many hours in the saddle riding these tanks of power, it's an amazing feeling having all that powerful lean muscle at your finger tips.
After moving state from Victoria, through N.S.W and on to Queensland I worked for some memorable people like Rick Hore-Lacy, Bart Cummings, Tommy Smith, Pat Farrel, Kerry Packer, Sir Tristan Antico and many owner trainers. Leaving the industry wasn't intentional, I needed a break as I was looking like a willow stick and at 5' 7" and only weighing an average of 55kg {121lbs} it wasn't a good look.  

I then decided I needed a change and that is what I have done.

I've danced for my money, yes I've never made a secret of that. I've made firm connections, that helped me moved on to bigger and better things. I've met amazing people, astounding people. I've also met some not so nice people, we just walk away from those power drainers. Take a deep breath and push through.

It's the pushing through that has helped me do well in my training, on stage when I was scared and when I doubted myself. It was the people who saw more than I did, who steered me in the right direction.  I thank them with gracious appreciation.



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